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You can hire a celebrity spokesperson to represent your company, buy the most amazing mass media schedule on radio & TV, and have a PPC genius ready to turning clicks into cash. But if your website can’t convert leads into customers, you’re missing out.

You recommend “tune-ups”, “inspections” and “regular maintenance” in your industry? So do we. Pull up your company website and follow along with our 55 suggestions for a better-performing, cleaner, clearer website.

  1. Is your phone number on the home page?
  2. Is the “About Us” about YOU, i.e. does it mention the business owner(s); is there a real staff photo or just stock photos; And is there an origin story?
  3. Are service areas listed?
  4. Is there a service map?
  5. Are there links to an OVI on the home page?
  6. Does your URL have dashes or numbers?
  7. Is “LLC”, “Inc” or other weirdness in the address?
  8. Does the ear “hear” as the eye “sees?” Example: is “bank” spelled “banque”?
  9. Is there a button for “Contact Us” on each page?
  10. Did you test each page?
  11. Can you book online?
  12. If you can book online, what is the response time?
  13. Is there a blog?
  14. If there is a blog, when was the last time it was updated?
  15. How relevant is the blog content to your business or area?
  16. Are there photos with the blog? Are they stock or specific?
  17. Is the site mobile optimized?
  18. Are there social media links?
  19. If there are social media buttons, do they work?
  20. If they work, what is the frequency of the social media postings?
  21. What is the relevance of the social media postings?
  22. Are there seasonal specials/offers/mentions on the homepage?
  23. If so, do they reflect the current season or outdated?
  24. Is there a Live Chat feature?
  25. Does the Live Chat work?
  26. Are there hyperlinks and do they work?
  27. Are there reviews on the home page?
  28. Are there buttons for review sites?
  29. Is there a page for FAQ’s?
  30. Is there a video that automatically plays without visitor consent?
  31. Is there a content offer on the home page such as a whitepaper, e-book, or guide?
  32. Are there Success Indicators such as awards or recognition on the home page?
  33. Is there an area for recruitment inquiries?
  34. Are the images for each category or page title relevant?
  35. Are the general categories broken down into more specific searchable services?
  36. Does the content on the page contain variety such as paragraphs and bullet points?
  37. Does each page have a call to action?
  38. Are company colors, logos and themes consistent throughout each page?
  39. Is font consistent where appropriate?
  40. Is font size consistent where appropriate?
  41. How long does the site take to load? Is it incomplete? Do areas lag?
  42. Is there a favicon?
  43. Do the pages contain titles and meta-data?
  44. Have you checked for cross-browser compatibility?
  45. Has more than one person checked for spelling and grammar mistakes?
  46. Can users subscribe to your content via RSS?
  47. Are analytics installed to measure website performance and conversion?
  48. Is there a sitemap in the architecture?
  49. What is the general flow of the site?
  50. Does the color, size or arrangement of the font make the site difficult to read?
  51. Who has access to the back end to make changes?
  52. Are the administrators current?
  53. Is the site bilingual? Should it be?
  54. Does the site contain “industry speak”?
  55. Is there a place to provide feedback via email?


Whew! Sure, it’s a lot, but it’s worth it to take the time to go through it, even if you just take it a few steps at a time.


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