5 Ways to Unscrew Your Screwed-up Recruitment Letter

So many companies are approaching recruiting from the standpoint that prospects should be grateful they’re being courted, when actually, it should be the other way around. After all, you want to reach – and convince – future employees that you’re their best choice for their new boss.

One popular strategy involves business owners sending out letters to prospects currently working for competitors, but the language, attitude and vibe of some of these letters are all wrong. Here are 5 ways to fix what’s broken about so many recruitment efforts.

How To Get Cream of the Crop Applicants

Talk to the applicant in a real tone of voice, as though you’re speaking with them. Use contractions. Speak confidently and directly, without apology. Avoid indecisive words and phrases like “if you want to change jobs” or “this might interest you.” Picture Uncle Sam’s poster, saying, “I want YOU!” That’s the kind of bold impact we’re going for.

Stop “we-we”-ing on yourself. Count how many times you’re using the words “we”, “us” or “our company” rather than “you.” Nobody ever wooed someone successfully by talking about themselves the whole time. Flip it. Demonstrate to the prospect that you read their mind on the way to work and you know what they’re looking for in a company. Then present yourself as the answer to their probl

Harvest Your In-House Ambassadors. Get your current team members on record about why they love working for you, separately addressing TIME, MONEY, ADVANCEMENT, and TEAMWORK. Quotes & photos would be great; videos on your website, even better. This approach has way more credibility than if you brag about basically the same advantages everyone else offers, such as paid time, flex time, bonuses, etc

Examples: As a new dad, a work/life balance was vital. Working for _________ gives me the quality time I need to spend time with my new family.” Ted N., Technician.

“I felt stuck at my last job, financially and as far as my skills. Working for _________, I’m finally getting the training to meet goals and take my career to the next level. You should join the team!” Brenda, CSR

“That $5,000 sign-on bonus and our health and benefits packages are what attracted me seven years ago. Today I’m making six-figures. ‘________ has given me all the tools I need to succeed: truck, iPhone, iPad – and the perks like paid holidays, paid vacation and overtime – it’s all great!” Nathan, Comfort Advisor)

Live by the bonus, Die by the bonus. If you’re prepared to reel someone in based totally on that sign-on bonus, you’d better be prepared to work with someone whose only motivation is money. And the moment a competitor offers a bigger bonus, they’re gone. Also, you’re only attracting the Transactional type of personality who might not be the best fit in for your “team” culture.

Avoid overuse of exclamation points and bolded phrases which reek of a polyester checkered suit on a used car lot. (“Hey, what have I gotta do to get you into a new job today?”) Be real. Let your happy employees do the selling for you and you’ll never have to come off as that guy.




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