“Powerful advertising is anticipated, personal and relevant.” Seth Godin

If you’re looking for a “magic beans” marketing partner or a one-size-fits-all solution, that’s not how we operate at The Brand Guys. Even businesses in the same industry have come from various backgrounds and are trying to make different things happen. We recognize and celebrate what makes your company unique.

Each of our success stories started by asking our clients the same question: “What are you trying to make happen?” Because, in essence, advertising will only accelerate what was going to happen anyway.

We’re in the business of persuasion and measurable results. And, unlike other advertising agencies, our pay is directly tied to your success. The money we make is based upon the results we achieve for you. That’s what makes us unique!


Our three-pronged approach focuses on Strategy, Message and Budget. After an initial onsite visit to learn about your market, your company and your staff, we develop a Strategy for telling your unique story. Your Message is planned for the next year and broadcast through more effective means thanks to our media negotiations. Basically, we can get more mileage out of your Budget than you could on your own because of our proprietary methods of buying media.

Clients coast to coast throughout the U.S. and Canada are growing, building stronger brands and seeing results.

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